Since 1983, Hearing Professional Center been helping people improve the quality of their lives in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. Our audiologists have a reputation for always having the latest digital hearing aids on the market today. We provide excellent service to our patients by diagnosing your hearing problem with hearing testing so we are able to provide you with the best hearing solution. We do a lot more than test hearing and sell hearing aids. We want each person coming to our center to be met by a friendly, caring staff that will do everything in their power to make the experience exemplary. We invite you to visit us and become part of our family.

For the last several years our staff has provided complimentary hearing aid services to residents living in several residential retirement communities on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. We travel to the communities and provide hands-on service to any resident with hearing aids. Our Staff provides assistance with cleaning and maintaining hearing aids or battery replacement. Otoscopy is performed on each person coming by for assistance.

The Hearing Professional Center offers a variety of consumer seminars regarding Hearing & Balance up to 4 times each year. Dr. Price also presents slide shows of her travels, sharing beautiful pictures and dialogue with the residents throughout the year. Our Staff certainly enjoys their interaction in the community and looks forward to “giving back” at every opportunity.

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Buckner is one of the oldest and most unique faith-based social service organizations of its kind, serving more than 450,000 people each year in the United States and 18 countries worldwide through a variety of programs designed to protect children, build strong families and enrich the lives of senior adults.

Many of our supporters never get to personally experience the end result of all the shoe collecting, sorting, packing and shipping – putting shoes on the feet of children in need. If you’ve never been on a shoe delivery trip, you may wonder what the children are like, what they enjoy, what they care about and how they respond to their new shoes. We’d like to give you a glimpse of that today.

Meet Dorka. She’s a sweet 10-year-old girl who lives in the Dominican Republic and was thrilled to receive new shoes from a Buckner mission team last year. After the shoe distribution, she saw a cameraman with the group and asked him to record a message to take back to the United States.

“In the name of the children of Buckner in the Dominican Republic, we want to thank you, but first God, because He has allowed you to be here,” she said. “And then we want to thank you, because you have come here to give us this gift. God bless you and fill your life with many blessings so you can keep giving these donations of shoes to other kids of the world who are in need.”

Dorka lives with her parents, brother and step-sister in a wooden, two-bedroom house with a concrete floor in Eduardo Brito, a severely impoverished community about 45 minutes east of Santo Domingo. Most families there, including Dorka’s, live on one very low income. Education is an issue in Eduardo Brito because many families cannot afford to send their kids to government schools. Nutrition and health are also a problem; most people get their water from a polluted stream that runs through the densely-populated community.

Dorka has been coming to the Community Transformation Center in Eduardo Brito for a year and a half to receive tutoring in math. With the help of the CTC staff, her skills have improved and math is now one of her favorite subjects at school. Her other favorite subject is Spanish. She also loves dancing and pantomime and practices these activities at church. Dancing has made her more disciplined, she says.

Thank you for supporting Shoes for Orphan Souls, even when you can’t always be there to travel and witness firsthand the fruits of your labor! With your help, we’re able to give children around the world – children like Dorka – the gift of new shoes.

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Children's Medical Center
A Little Girl Who Is All Heart: It’s nearly impossible to spend time with 4-year-old Caydence Barrett without noticing her heart.

You see it in the way she lovingly smiles at her parents, Joe and Stephanie Barrett; in the excitement she shows describing their summer trip to Disney World; and in the way she wears it on her sleeve when she feels like she needs to be heard – young Caydence is all heart.

However, she was born with only half a heart. A condition called hypoplastic left-heart syndrome caused the left side of her heart to be severely underdeveloped at birth. Not too long ago, the condition was almost uniformly fatal for newborns.

childrens-medical-centerBut the prognosis for hypoplastic left-heart syndrome patients has improved dramatically in the last 25 years. Expert cardiac surgeons like Dr. Joseph Forbess, the director of cardiothoracic surgery at Children’s, are to thank for that.

“We met Dr. Forbess before Caydence was born, and my impression is that he’s the best,” Stephanie said. “He truly gave us the feeling that we had the right person working on our child and that he truly cared.”

Dr. Forbess successfully performed Caydence’s first open-heart procedure when she was only 5-days old. Then he operated on Caydence’s heart again at 5 months and, hopefully for the final time, shortly after she turned 3.

“She’s been perfectly healthy since her last surgery,” her dad, Joe, said. “We just have to go to Children’s every six months for checkups and take a couple of daily medications.”
Caydence began pre-school this fall, and her parents believe that the heart team at Children’s is largely responsible for her being able to share her heart with her new classmates.

“Everything the heart team does at Children’s is top notch,” Joe said. “I’d just like to thank all the donors for putting their money into a program and a hospital that has a lasting impact – not only on the kids like Caydence but also on the parents like us. We don’t know where we would be without them.”

Rainbow Days
‘My favorite part about Rainbow Days is that someone cares about me.’ – Maria

At just 6 years of age, Maria started attending her special Rainbow Days support group during her stay at a local emergency shelter where she lived with her mother and sister. Maria’s father is incarcerated and has never been a part of her life. Shortly after their stay in the shelter, Maria’s mom was also sent to prison. Maria felt worried and scared and didn’t know what was going to happen next. Her and her sister had nowhere to go. Fortunately, a very close family member stepped in to assume guardianship and has since adopted them. Dealing with the trauma of being uprooted from her home, her mother being removed from her life, changing schools, leaving behind friends and belongings and the hardships of their new circumstances, Maria continued to struggle with many different feelings but didn’t feel safe sharing them with anyone. She learned to stuff them deep inside her heart. Because of the trauma she suffered, she felt untrusting of everyone and all alone.

But hope came through many caring people. The family continued to receive services through the transitional shelter program and Rainbow Days was included as part of the families continuum of care. By attending Rainbow Days support group which met each week with a Rainbow Days’ staff member and several other children in the shelter, Maria learned that she wasn’t alone in her problems. The consistency of the Rainbow Days’ program and of the same facilitator coming each week to the shelter helped Marie gain trust again. She learned that she didn’t cause what was happening to her and she couldn’t fix it, but she could learn the tools to cope with her situation. She found a safe place to talk about her feelings and that “stuffing her feelings” wasn’t a healthy way to deal with them. She learned how to identify trusted people around her who she could talk to. She learned valuable life skills, received support from her caring adult Rainbow Days’ mentor and participated in fun and educational activities with her peers. She learned that all of her feelings are okay and that while she was going through a difficult time in her life right now, she could have hope again for a brighter future that includes a caring family, new friends and a home. Throughout the year at Rainbow Days’ summer camps, special outings and Mentored Arts Activities, Maria discovered new talents, experienced new activities, developed friendships and learned how to believe in herself. She also learned to express herself and healthy ways to deal with uncomfortable feelings.

Through Rainbow Days, Maria began to have hope for today and for a brighter tomorrow. Two years later, Maria and her sister are doing great. They are in a stable home environment with caring family members where she is making good grades in school and continuing to develop friendships. Maria is happy and outgoing and gives the sweetest smiles that will melt your heart. Her favorite part of Rainbow Days is the “people”. “They really care about you,” says Maria, who will never forget when it was her birthday and she was participating in a Rainbow Days’ group. She was given a birthday box, which included a cake mix, candles, a present and even a birthday card, by the facilitator. Money was really tight in her new family and she didn’t think she was going to be able to celebrate her special day. But when she received the birthday box it made her so happy. She said “it is really special because it has everything I need to celebrate my birthday! It is nice to know that someone cares about you. If I didn’t get the birthday box I don’t think I would have had a celebration. I LOVE Rainbow Days and especially the people.”

Since 1982, Rainbow Days has been giving children in the Dallas community hope for a promising future by providing them with both the skills and support they need to make healthy choices, stay drug free and believe they have a purpose. Rainbow Days’ core programs include support groups, classroom education, parent classes, summer camps, and a variety of other activities which are conducted in partnership with schools, recreation centers, community centers, homeless shelters and other sites. Through a combination of caring adult mentors and these research-based programs, Rainbow Days makes a positive difference in the lives of over 15,000 children and youth in the Dallas community each year and impacts thousands more throughout the Nation through training programs. Give. Share. Get Involved. Start making a difference in the life of a child today.

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