Woman with Severe Life-Long Hearing Loss Awarded Free Hearing Aids from Hearing Professional Center

Dallas – When Mitzi White heard about Hearing Professional Center’s “Hear for the Holidays” hearing aid donation program, she knew immediately whom she should nominate.

“She is amazing, and this would be such a blessing for her,” said White of Shawnett Viani, a 22-year-old woman who has suffered from hearing loss since she was only three-years-old. “I’m so happy she’s been awarded them — she deserves it.”

Viani, who was diagnosed with Larsen syndrome when she was a child, was eligible for hearing aids through Medicaid until she “graduated” from the program, leaving her without insurance. As a college student with many other medical issues — she uses a wheelchair to get around — she has been unable to afford new earmolds, let alone cover the full cost of a set of hearing aids.

“She was definitely in need,” said Deborah Price, Audiologist and owner of Hearing Professional Center. “She has severe hearing loss in both ears. Her most recent set of hearing aids were quite outdated and she has been having a hard time hearing her family, friends, and the TV. Having recently moved from Nevada, she hasn’t been able to find a practice that would service her aids, so until now she’s had no programming or follow-up care done.”

Viani wrote a letter to Hearing Professional Center, thanking them for their generosity.

“December 23 I was notified that I was nominated and chosen to receive two brand new hearing aids from Hearing Professional Center in Dallas,” Viani wrote. “My world has changed! I have been given the gift of hearing this season, and I couldn’t ask for anything greater!”

“It is an honor to work with Shawnett,” Price said. “We are so excited to be able to help her hear better for the holidays—and for years to come.”

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Press Contact:
Dr. Amy Badstubner
Hearing Professional Center