How to Read Your Hearing Test Results

Have you ever had your hearing tested and wondered what it might mean? The above video explains how hearing test results are reported.

During your hearing test, different tones are played at the softest level you can hear, and each pitch is recorded on a graph called an audiogram. We read this from low-pitched sounds on the left, to high-pitched sounds on the right. Also, from soft sounds at the top of the graph, to loud sounds at the bottom. The left side of the graph tends to correspond to the volume of speech, whereas the right side corresponds to the clarity of speech. A blue X represents your left ear, and a red circle represents your right.

With the hearing test on the graph, everything above the line are sounds that you cannot hear. Everything below the graph are things you can hear. If you have a high-pitched hearing loss, you may have the volume of speech, but are missing some of the high-pitched consonant sounds that help us distinguish between words. Many times people with this kind of hearing loss will say that they hear people talking, but don’t understand what they are saying.

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