Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and MP3 Players

Turn it to the left

Nowadays, anywhere you go, there is bound to be someone with music blasting into their earbuds or headphones from their MP3 player. It’s great that technology affords us the ability to listen to music in such a compact and portable manner, but sometimes that capability comes with a cost. Few people realize that when they listen to their music too loud through their headphones or earbuds they are actually damaging their hearing and increasing their chances of noise-induced hearing loss.

So next time you think about popping in your earbuds to listen to your favorite song, consider a few guidelines to help preserve your hearing:

  • Never exceed 70% of the maximum volume capacity.
  • Limit the amount of exposure time each time you listen (Just like other muscles in your body your ears need time to rest too!)
  • If other people can hear your music while you have your earbuds in, it is probably too loud.

Custom earplugs can help keep the volume down, since a custom fit helps keep more sound in your ears. Contact us for more information about custom earbuds.