Do I Need Backup Hearing Aids?

This is a question that I hear quite often. Today’s hearing aids are resilient against water, dirt, and debris, and typically don’t have too many repeat repairs. That said, they are miniaturized electronic devices that reside in the hostile environment of the ear canal with wax, dead skin, and sweat. For many people who rely on their hearing aids for communication, if one of them goes out while they are on a business trip or vacation it can be devastating. For this reason, for my patients who have a hearing loss that causes them to rely on their hearing aids, I do recommend a backup set of devices. Because of the high cost of hearing aids, it is a good idea to keep your old set when you upgrade to new technology so that you can use them as a backup. If you don’t have a set that you can use as backup, it is a good idea to purchase a basic set of devices that you can bring with you just in case a hearing aid stops working at the most inconvenient time.