Holiday Hearing Travel Tips from Hearing Professional Center

We wish you the best this winter season. This time of year can be one of the best of the year, but can also bring about a lot of stress.

Over 90 million people will be traveling this holiday season in the U.S. alone. This can be noisy and difficult in the best of circumstances. When you add a hearing loss to that, it can be much more difficult. Some common difficulties that people experience can be difficulty hearing or understanding airline announcements, and difficulty making reservations over the phone. To combat that, here are a few tips to make your traveling this season a little easier.

  • Be sure to make reservations in advance and have these reservations sent to you in writing to be sure that everything was understood.
  • Arrive early to be sure that everything is taken care of. On an airline, you may want to let your boarding agent know that you have hearing difficulties, and they will accommodate your needs appropriately.
  • Check displays often as verbal announcements can be difficult to hear at the best of times.
  • Be proactive and let your hotel know you have a hearing loss if you may need additional services, such as amplified phones or headsets.
  • If you have hearing aids, be sure to bring extra batteries and cleaning supplies to make sure that your hearing aids are working the best that they can be.

If you have any questions or would like more travel tips, call 214-363-HEAR, and we hope you have safe travels this holiday season.