Is It Normal For My Hearing Aid to Whistle?

It is possible to hear a whistle when putting a hearing aid in your ear. Almost all hearing aids will create feedback when something is placed next to the microphone. For example, when wearers cup their hands over their hearing aids, they will usually whistle. It should not, however, whistle when it is correctly in place in your ear or during ordinary wear when there is nothing near the microphone.

If your hearing aid does whistle once in your ear, you may be fitting the hearing aid or ear-piece incorrectly or it may need adjustment by your Audiologist. The Audigy-Certified professionals at Hearing Professional Center will check several things within the hearing aid, the hearing aid’s software, as well as ensure the hearing aid is a good fit for your ear.

If your hearing aid is whistling in your ear, give us a call or contact us to schedule an appointment.