Hearing Aid Batteries: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical battery life?
This is dependent upon the hearing aid and the batteries. Typically, hearing aid batteries last from a few days up to two weeks. Ask your audiologist what the typical life of a battery is for your specific hearing aid.
Where do I get batteries?
Batteries are a part of our protection program. As long as you are still qualified for that program, you can get batteries from us. However, if you find yourself out of town without batteries, you can usually find them at drugstores or most places that sell batteries.
Are hearing aid batteries toxic?
Yes. All batteries are toxic if ingested. If this occurs, contact emergency help ASAP.
What do I do if my pet has ingested a hearing aid battery?
Immediately contact your local VET.
Is there anything I can do to prolong battery life?
Store the hearing aid batteries at room temperature. Do not take the sticker on the hearing aid battery off until you are ready to use that battery. When taking your hearing aids out at night, be sure that the battery door is open.