The Effects of Noise Pollution

This labor day, take a break from all of the noise pollution. In the spirit of celebrating and promoting all of the hard work in our country, it may be time to reevaluate your environment for noise pollution.

Exposure to noise in the workplace can cause huge detriments to work productivity and health. Recent studies show that in Europe, the estimated cost of productivity reduction specifically related to noise pollution is $30.8 billion per year! It has been shown that even just hearing someone speaking can reduce productivity in reading and writing by 66 percent and reduces short term memory.

Noise pollution also affects the ability of children to learn in schools. OSHA laws state that a classroom should be between 30-40 dB. However, actual classrooms on average measure in at about 65 db. Because of this, some students found the teacher understandable only half of the time, meaning they are missing half of what is said. Other studies show that just 20dB of airplane noise (if a school is next to an airport) can cause a reading delay of up to 8 months.

Noise pollution has also been shown to cause health issues to the point of taking a day off of life for every year. Noise can increase stress hormones and decrease a persons desire to interact with others. Noise levels can also impede healing in hospitals by increasing stress and disrupting sleep. Continued noise tricks the body in to thinking that it is under attack. There has also been a correlation between traffic noise and cardiac arrest.

Decreasing noise has shown to statistically decrease robberies and assaults.

Turn down the noise.

For more information about noise pollution, contact us. And have a wonderful Labor Day!