Cosmetically Appealing Hearing Aids

Many times, people remember their family members’ old hearing aids were “Huge!” and “so conspicuous!” They were right! Those old hearing aids needed to be large to be able to do the functions that they did. However, like all technology, micro-processing and the surge for technology to be smaller has not passed hearing aids by.

Hearing aids now are much smaller and can do so much more than they did 20 years ago. In fact, as with other technologies, the ability of hearing aids has increased greatly within the past few years! New technology to improve peoples’ lives and assist them in the situations that they need help most is always improving. Even so, hearing aid size is also continually going down.

When determining which hearing aid to recommend, the doctor takes into account many factors, including documented hearing loss, lifestyle of the patient, cosmetic desires of the patient, etc. Sometimes because of other factors, the most invisible hearing aid will not be the best, but most hearing aids now are not nearly as visible as they have been in the past.