How to Change Your Wax Guard

When taking care of your hearing aids, one of the things you want to look out for is wax in the hearing aids. Most hearing aids have what is called a wax trap or wax guard. This is a tiny piece of plastic that keeps wax from getting down in to the essential components of the hearing aid. But occasionally your wax guards will need to be changed. If the wax completely blocks off this part of the hearing aid, then sound won’t be able to come out of the hearing aid.

First, you need to make sure the type of wax guard you have is appropriate for your hearing aid. Generally, if you ask your audiologist, he or she will be able to tell you what type of wax guards to use and give you the appropriate ones for your hearing aid. Depending on the brand of your hearing aid, some have a stick with the new wax guard on it, and some have a tab. Regardless, there should be a nub that is empty and a nub that has the new wax guard on it.

If you have a behind the ear hearing aid, first take off the dome. If it is a custom hearing aid, then you will not need to do this. To change the wax guard, put the empty end of the stick in to the old wax guard. Twist the stick to the right, and pull it straight out. Then flip the stick around, insert the new wax guard straight in, and then pull straight back out. Be sure to put the dome back on if you have a behind the ear hearing aid.

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