Beyond Hearing

Technology advancements are changing our perspective of hearing aids from a tool that helps your hearing to one that enhances your life.

In a technological world of better, faster, and smaller, what devices come to mind? Though hearing aids may not be at the top of your list, we think they should be. Hearing aid features and capabilities are silenced by stigmas, lack of knowledge, and cheaper options. It’s not that devices are outdated, it’s that the perception of them is. With hearables (hearing devices with biometric options), personal amplification systems (PSAPs), and wearable fitness technology becoming increasingly popular, it’s only natural that we should inform you of their value.

It’s our job to embrace this change and stay ahead of the curve. How do we do that? By continuing to explore new products, but also:

  • Finding new ways to educate you and our community about hearing loss
  • Offering elite, more accessible, relationship-centered care
  • Setting the bar for incorporating innovative best practices for the use of the latest technology and procedures

Take movie theaters, for example. They have survived through innovations like VHS, cable, DVD, and streaming services by accepting change. Going to see a movie hasn’t lost its magic, because they’ve added luxuries, convenience, and experiences that their competitors cannot offer, like living-room seating, food and drink, and high-end service.

With the introduction of hearables, PSAPs, and wearable fitness technology, hearing devices offer another multi-function accessory that enhances your life and improves your health.

  • Hearing aids: Small electronic devices fit by a hearing professional and designed to help those diagnosed with a hearing loss hear their best in their listening lifestyle.
  • Hearables: Wireless smart-earbuds that provide features similar to the increasingly popular wearables.
  • PSAPs: Amplifiers created for recreational activities, increasing overall volume rather than adapting to your specific hearing loss the way hearing aids do. They are not regulated by the FDA, and they put your hearing at risk if used without the guidance of a hearing professional.

Enhancing Your Life

Hearing aid technology enhancements include features like Bluetooth® connectivity, which allows wearers to effortlessly connect to their phones, televisions, and music players, whereas others are specifically made for smartphones. The option for an invisible silhouette is incredibly enticing to those who prefer a sleeker, more discreet option. Apps have been developed by major manufacturers to help users control their devices with greater ease based on their custom settings or environment.

Improving Your Health

Research over the past several decades has shown that hearing is closely linked to many aspects of your health, including memory, heart function, blood health, and even stress and anxiety. Being aware of the relationship between your hearing and other health conditions can help you stay mindful of your overall well-being and help create a path for healthier, happier living.

Evolving Stereotypes

These advancements and innovations are paving the way for hearing aids to be seen as a desirable and multi-functional device — not just something that amplifies sound. As technology advances and our society becomes increasingly health conscious, hearing aids’ integrative technology, innovative styles, and lifestyle features could make them not just a necessity but a valued accessory in enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

As a hearing aid user, you have the opportunity to be an advocate of these exciting changes. Showing friends, family, and co-workers your new devices with pride will help create a different, more positive view of hearing aids.

As your hearing care partner, we have always been dedicated to continuing our education, staying on top of the latest processes, and exceeding your expectations. Recent advancements in technology make this an especially exciting time to help encourage a positive, active view of hearing health care.

Hearing technology can only do so much alone; its best use comes from being fit by hearing professionals, like us, who are able to tailor today’s sophisticated devices to your level of hearing loss, lifestyle needs, and goals. It’s our job to ensure you have access to the best hearing aid options based on the results of your individual hearing tests, regardless of whether you’re new to hearing aids or are looking to upgrade your current technology. We use the most advanced fitting methods available to ensure that your devices are comfortable and provide you with maximum clarity.

Because you value and deserve a quality of life and hearing care that’s elite on all levels, we invite you to contact us today. Whether it’s your first pair of devices or you want to upgrade, we will fit you with technology that reflects who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow.