Benefits of Assistive Listening Devices

While many times the largest effect of hearing loss is difficulty communicating, this is not the only effect it can have. Sometimes patients tell me they have difficulty hearing the phone ring, or the door bell, or even different alarms. This can cause anxiety and fear about what is being missed and can lead to questions such as “I don’t wear my hearing aids to bed. What if I miss my alarm and am late to work?” or “What if I miss the sounds of a fire alarm?” or even “What if I don’t hear someone breaking into my house?”

Your peace of mind and safety is of utmost importance. In order to counteract these difficulties, there are many devices called assistive listening devices to help out. There are alarms that can be played at much higher volumes, at different frequency ranges, use flashing lights, or vibration to be sure that the alarm cannot be unnoticed. Other devices assist with being able to hear the telephone more loudly or to hear the television more clearly. There are dozens of services and devices that can make the life of a hearing impaired individual safer and easier.

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