We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Leonore W.

Thank you so much Dr. Price for giving me my life back. I am hearing things I haven't heard in years like the soda water bubbling. It has been very emotional for both of us. We are so glad John R. brought you into our lives. My life will be forever changed and sweeter because of you. Thank you and your kind staff for everything and an amazing day.

Thank you flowers from Mansfield hearing care patient
Linda Sanford

Dr. Lauren,
Thank you so very much for helping my mother, Katherine, with her hearing aid. Your patience, helpfulness and kindness speak volumes!

Linda Sanford

"Thank you, thank you, Linda, for giving Hearing Professional Center the opportunity to serve you and your mother. We promise to make every effort to maintain your confidence in taking care of your mother while you live so far away. Giving your mother the ability to have the best hearing care possible is what we strive to do each time we visit her."

— Dr. Lauren

Mark L.

Please give my best to Dr. Price. She’s been nothing short of wonderful, and I can’t tell you what a difference she’s made in Dad’s quality of life — not to mention mine, too! And if she has any troubles with him, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Liz H.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this doctor and staff! Wait time was super fast, and the doctor had the most incredible personality and bedside manner — it truly felt like visiting with family. I needed ear plugs due to a snoring husband and we got the molds done in no time at all. I wish all doctor appointments flowed so smoothly and in such a timely manner — I’d highly recommend!

Bob S.

It was getting pretty quiet in my world. From my first appointment nine months ago with Dr Price at the Hearing Professional Center, everyone has been friendly, helpful, courteous, and professional. Each time I have called or walked into the office, they did whatever it took to help improve my hearing. It has opened up the world of hearing for me again.

Henri B.

I have known Dr. Price for 20 years, and I have always been satisfied. I can’t say enough good things about your practice, and being a retired banker who dealt with doctors, that’s an excellent compliment.

Betty G.

I find it easy to share about my experience of replacing my 7-year-old hearing aid, as it was a very pleasant experience. I was told of my options for an expensive repair and of being fitted for a new one. There was no subtle pressure to replace both aids, but after wearing the new one overnight, I called the following morning asking for the hearing aid for the other ear. The fit and hearing with the new technology was dramatic. In retrospect, the one hearing aid not functioning was a blessing, as it moved me forward to replace what was now inadequate. Once again, I felt secure and safe in the care of Dr. Price, and I look forward to easier and more comfortable communication as I interact with family and friends with the new devices. My family and friends are also reaping the benefits of the newer technology by not having to repeat until I “get it.” I am truly grateful to God for this provision in this season of my life.

Peter R.

Dr. Price, the voucher has finally arrived! Please find the voucher enclosed. If you need anything else from me, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for allowing me to use the device even before the voucher arrived. It has been a real pleasure using the device, and it makes talking on the phone so much more enjoyable. One of the first conversations I had using it was with my mom. After about an hour, my mom made the statement that she thought that was the best conversation she and I had had in years. I realized that not fully hearing what was said or understanding what was being said made it difficult to visit with my mom. She lives in Canada, and we only see each other about every 18 months, so our phone conversations are important to us to keep in touch. You have aided in that process greatly, and please know you are very much appreciated. I’ll make an appointment to come in to get all my devices checked in the New Year. Until then, thank you for your service and the professionalism of you and your great office staff.

Vicki Chadwick

Features of Widex Unique 4401
8 Reason our client Vicki loves Widex Unique 4401

  1. Loud Exterior sounds

  2. I can hear passengers in my car

  3. Improved hearing at seated dinner party

  4. Loud sounds, airplane, lawn equipment, cars passing by, are softer and not screeching

  5. TV can be heard if volume is turned up slightly (20) and more clarity

  6. I can hear myself hum and sing in key

  7. They don’t make my ear itch

  8. They have changed my life

Deborah Price is the most kind, caring, and patient doctor, and she deals with my frustration with ease and grace. She is extremely competent, professional, and caring.


Thank you for meeting my hearing needs since I first began with you! I would NEVER go to anyone else. You (all) have been a godsend to me. A good year ahead for all of you. (Sorry it’s so late!)


It was my yearly checkup for my hearing aids … my doctor listened to my litany of yearly complaints:

  • They hurt to wear

  • They pop out of my ears

  • They pick up nothing but room noise

  • If I’m in a high wind, they blow out of my ears

and she heard what I said. She recognized that I could hear low registers and could not hear high registers. So she changed the big plastic tips that never fit and are for low registers to smaller ones that are for high registers and that actually fit in my ear. Lo and behold, I can hear! There is no invasive room noise, the aids stay in my ears, they do not hurt, and I am able to war them all day.

… Thank goodness for my doctor, who I will see again in a couple of weeks. She has made me happy with my hearing aids.


Thanks for the great hearing check up … Very thorough and informative. I am truly amazed by the advances in technology and will strive to budget for new hearing aids.

The friendly atmosphere shown by the staff was really top notch … Thanks!

Jeremy Shields, age 32

A hearing aid wearer since the age of 3, I have been a patient of Dr. Price and her team at Hearing Professional Center since my family moved to Dallas in 1991. Through their expertise and sensitivity to my specific needs, Dr. Price and her team have been an integral partner in my life, enabling me to achieve all that life has to offer without suffering the disadvantages that some might perceive to accompany a severe hearing loss.

With their cutting edge technology and exceptional customer service, Hearing Professional Center has configured my hearing aids to provide devices with perfect alignment to my ever-changing lifestyle. From elementary school through high school, college, graduate school, dating, building a family, and my current career speaking with people all over the world, every day — Dr. Price and her team have given me the confidence and ability to perform at the top of my game.

David Price, Dallas, TX

After a 35-year career as a professional aviator — 20 years with the US Air Force and 15 years as a commercial pilot — my hearing suffered a substantial amount of aviation-induce hearing loss. Throw in over 15,000 hours of flying time, add three years of experience as an aircraft maintenance officer on noisy jet fighter bases, then include a large amount of small-arms weapons training (along with a casual disregard for hearing protection), and my once-acute hearing never stood a chance!

I met Dr. Deborah Price through the Dallas Safari Club, and we became fast friends. She recommended that I schedule a hearing evaluation with her staff at the Hearing Professional Center in Dallas, TX. I procrastinated for several years, refusing to accept the fact that I needed help, but after a close encounter with a grizzly bear while bow hunting in Canada, I decided that I needed the help of Dr. Price and her staff. They evaluated my hearing loss and prescribed the right equipment to remediate the situation.

Once I admitted that I had a problem with hearing loss, then fixing the problem was simple. Dr. Price and her highly trained staff were extremely courteous and professional while working with me. Seeking Dr. Price’s professional help was the single best decision that I’ve ever made concerning my health … and I won’t have to worry about another grizzly bear sneaking up on me in the Canadian bush!

B. Wood

This is the most successful medical experience I have ever had.

Mrs. Lopez

Bianca loves going to her appointments at HPC because the staff is so friendly and talk to her so she’ll understand what’s going on with her hearing and hearing aids. HPC is a very professional and positive place. We’re VERY happy with the service.

J.H. Robichaux

Dear HPC,

I already held you in the highest regard as an audiologist, and now your concern for my hearing needs and my difficulty in affording the type of hearing aids I really need is truly appreciated by your generous offer. I will excitedly let you know when I am ready to move forward. Meanwhile, I am telling all my relatives and friends about you and your professional services.

Thank you.

Henri B.

I have known Dr. Price for 20 years, and I have always been satisfied. I can’t say enough good things about your practice, and being a retired banker who dealt with doctors, that’s an excellent compliment.



I ate dinner with Mom the other night and I couldn’t help but notice that she was hearing people when they spoke! I noticed (although barely) a little tube in each ear … when I asked her about it, it was like the heavens had parted!

She was so excited to tell me about her experience, how wonderful the doctor was, and how gracious you were to her … and the best part: She can hear!

Thank you for giving her this very special gift, I love seeing her so happy!

Love you,

C. Lupton

Dr. Price,

Tav is on top of the world! He feels like a “spring chicken” —
he can hear again! I do believe that this is the first time since he began losing his hearing that he really feels like he can hear like he used to —
“In the olden days.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping on until he could really
hear again! He is so excited about it, and I am ecstatic! Many, many thanks!


Deborah, M’Dear,

As you may (or may not) remember, I was investigating hearing aids for the gentleman whom I call on weekly at Walnut Place. In a conversation with you, the subject of state-assisted programs was brought up, specifically, a phone that was available at no charge through the state of Texas for the hearing impaired.

Per your instructions, I got necessary paperwork from your staff, filled it out, mailed it off, got it back, and Thursday of this week brought the necessary paperwork by your office. As a result, I got the new phone and took it to “Curtis” yesterday afternoon and left it in his room (he was tied up on other things at the time).

Last night he called me, and for the first time, I didn’t have to yell into the phone to be understood. Secondly, Curtis was like a kid on Christmas morning lauding the benefits of his new “toy” … It has made a remarkable change in his life and his ability to communicate.

Thank you, Deborah. And may I also tell you that you have one of the nicest groups of people working for you. They couldn’t have been more professional, helpful, empathetic, and sincerely dedicated to getting my little project brought to fruition. But knowing you, I would have expected nothing less with the people you’ve hired to staff your office.

Again … thank you, thank you, thank you … What a dear friend you’ve turned out to be … plus, you’re easy on the eyes. Hot damn, that oughta make your day. You’ve sure made mine!

M. Myers

The very first time Dr. Price put in my digital hearing aids, I immediately noticed a dramatic difference. Although I hadn’t noticed that my left ear didn’t hear the same volume as my right, I definitely noticed that the hearing in both ears was now equal. In the first few months I had my hearing aids, it was amazing to discover new sounds in my world which had always been there that I didn’t know existed. Many of these sounds were high frequencies that I couldn’t hear, such as the ticking of the clock in my kitchen. I also noticed that my iPod makes a clicking sound when I spin the dial. In the musical world, I started noticing the high overtone frequencies in instruments such as cymbals, triangles, crotales, etc. It was amazing to rediscover all the new sounds in my world.

I feel lucky to have had that wake-up call at PASIC 2000 and then to have met up with Dr. Price. The dramatic lifestyle changes I made regarding my hearing along with yearly checkups and the advances in hearing aid technology have enabled me to live a very satisfying life as a percussionist.

W. D. Atkins

Dr. Price – I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for everything you’ve done to help me over the years. Your help, friendship, prayers, and encouragement mean so much! I wish you all of God’s best in the coming months.

L. Nicora

… I am so thankful! I can hear the world again …

F. Breithaupt

The audiologists at Hearing Professional Center are worth their weight in gold. Francis can hear beautifully. She carried on a conversation in the grocery store with someone without anyone having to tell her what the person was saying or anything. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- Daughter Betty left message on her behalf