Our History

Dr. Price and her dog NicodyIn February 1983, Dr. Price opened the doors of Hearing Professional Center with a card table, two chairs, concrete floors, and a 400-square-foot office. Many of you might remember our first office across the street from our present location. It increased to 600 square feet before we built our present clinic in 1994. Our office has expanded from a waiting/reception area, sound room, and private office, to all of that plus three more offices, three exam rooms, and a full kitchen (from 400 to 2,200 square feet).

In the early years, Dr. Price ran the office alone or with part-time help. In the early 1990s when a patient needed an ear cleaning, she would go down the hall with a gallon jug and bring water back to the suite. A few of you may remember commandeering the ladies’ room for this activity.

From 1986–1991, Dr. Price had a project in Mexico and in 2003 in Brazil. These philanthropic mission trips provided not only hearing testing but also hearing aids, batteries, earmolds, and educational materials for the deaf. Technology was simple then, and there were few accessories for the hearing impaired. Today, hearing aids are very sophisticated. We have an entire section of our office devoted to computerized testing and programming of state of the art hearing aid technologies. The Center has many assistive listening devices on display for our patients. In addition, we are able to provide telephones free of charge every five years for residents of the state of Texas with hearing loss.

Our annual “tune-up” began the summer of 1983 and included cleaning your aids and checking the electronic function. Today, we call it your Annual Prescription Renewal including a hearing test, cleaning your aids, electronic function test, as well as reprogramming the aids to meet your current hearing requirements.

In October 1998, HPC received the “Recognition for Excellence in Audiological Practice” REAP award at the annual ADA convention. The Center was one of only two private practices in the United States to receive the award.

From 2002 to 2010 Dr. Price served on the board of the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) and was its Chair for the last 3 years. The AFA has provided $1.4 Million in direct student support over the last 21 years. The AFA is recognized as the driving force in transitioning the field of audiology to a doctoral profession. Dr. Price received her Doctorate in 2000 from the Arizona School of Health Sciences. Today, the majority of practicing Audiologists have their Au.D. (Doctor of Audiology degree). On February 26, 2010, the AFA declared victory and closed its doors. In its final act as a nonprofit foundation, the AFA awarded the remainder of its funds and assets, worth almost $1.2 million, to the audiology program at the Arizona School of Health Sciences, A.T. Still University (ATSU), in order to launch the new AFA Institute. The AFA Institute will allow the audiology program at ATSU to provide cutting-edge resources for its students and further enhance the audiology practice model.

We do a lot more than test hearing and sell hearing aids. Our goal at Hearing Professional Center is to assist each patient to improve his or her quality of life through better hearing. We want each person coming to our center to be met by a friendly, caring staff that will do everything in their power to make the experience exemplary. We invite you to visit us and become part of our family.

7 Reasons to Visit

We believe that educated patients are our best patients.
The more you understand about your level of hearing loss and the technology options available to you, the greater the chances that you will hear your best. That is why, online and in our office, we provide patient-driven educational materials designed by the country’s top providers to give you all the answers you need to make informed choices about your hearing care.
Our expertise and variety of services mean you get the care you deserve.
Our staff has vast experience with interviewing patients, diagnostic testing, and understanding how better hearing can be brought into people’s lives. This experience allows us to develop a comprehensive better-hearing treatment plan that incorporates the most effective, custom-programmed solutions available.
Detailed audiometric testing means we address the specific nature of your unique hearing loss.
Our advanced diagnostic examinations are thorough, precise, and accurate, providing the most comprehensive picture available of what sounds and listening environments are particularly problematic for you in your desired lifestyle.
State-of-the-art hearing aids optimize your ability to hear.
We work with the world’s best manufacturers, who invest $500 million annually in research and development in order to offer a complete lineup of the most technologically advanced hearing systems available anywhere.
We offer exact hearing aid fitting and programming to your satisfaction.
Even the most advanced hearing aids can create frustration if they are not personally tailored to your level of hearing loss and lifestyle needs. We have vast experience matching patients with the best hearing aid options based on the results of their individual hearing tests. We use the most advanced fitting methods available to ensure that your devices are comfortable and provide you with maximum clarity.
Exceptional follow-up care means you get ongoing, personalized customer service.
Your relationship with us continues well beyond the initial fitting. Your follow-up care includes ongoing office visits to make certain your hearing aids are fine-tuned to provide you with the greatest benefit possible. Cleanings, complimentary batteries, and reprogramming for new listening situations and environments are all part of the comprehensive better-hearing program we offer our patients.
We absolutely love what we do!
Bringing improved hearing and better communication to our patients’ lives is our passion. Seeing people reconnect with their families and loved ones is a tremendous pleasure for us. We strive to continue making such connections and are constantly motivated to do so by the joyful stories of all that our patients are experiencing through better hearing!